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AQUASoft is delivering for over 15 years important projects for worldwide clients. We have built and expanded our powerful and beautiful team of software engineers, developers and highly skilled professionals to provide all necessary IT services from Technical Support and Software Repackaging to Cloud Computing and Software Development for well-known companies. Having support offices in three major cities, Bucharest, Iasi and Constanta, and over 160 employees with large expertise in software production, we are committed to improving our staff’s knowledge base and skills as well as challenging new comers to reach outstanding achievements. In addition, we have constantly internship programs in partnerships with universities to help students to learn and apply best practices in software development. Also, we are member of Romanian Association for Artificial Intelligence and we are financing research in this area.We have extensive expertise in programming, packaging, consulting, technology and outsourcing, helping our customers achieve excellence in their operational field, increase their ROI and reducing their TCO.

Our partnerships:
– IBM Business Partner
– Romanian Association for Artificial Intelligence

If you are interested in developing your IT skills and your desire is to achieve outstanding results, we invite you to join our great team of professionals and share our joy and passion while developing international software related projects and using the latest technologies available within the industry.

3 proiecte

Financial Portfolio Application
financial analysis, software development

Conversational Interface
artificial intelligence, software development, user experience

Behavioral User Profiling
artificial intelligence, machine learning, software development