Pair your Web & Mobile / ML thesis with a mentor!

Strada Vulturilor nr. 98A, sector 3, Bucuresti, Romania


Design, develop and test your product based on at least one of the cutting edge web&mobile or machine learning technologies.
Asses. analyse and propose optimal approach to solve specific problems, by trying out different algorithms and solutions.


Have basic level knowledge of the following:

  • Web & mobile: at least one of Ruby on Rails, Python, Ember, React, Node, Swift, Objective-C, Android.
  • Machine learning: one or more ML processes using algorithms for concepts like data mining, text mining, network mining or computer vision.


  • Feel free to explore: your out-of-the-box idea can count on our support :-)
  • You will gain in depth knowledge of the applied technologies.
  • During this journey in developing your product, you will exchange information with us about your progress remotely, so that you can maximise your focus on your studies and not have to travel back and forth.
  • This comes attached with a financial reward for the duration of the experience.
  • At the end of the scholarship, you’ll benefit from a potential job offer from us, so that we can continue creating great work together.